You were born unique.

So why are you trying to fit in?

You’re a bombshell.

Now we just need to get people to know it.

Including you.

Because you radiate. You glow.

This is your new way of life.

People are going to be obsessed with you.

Get used to it.


to the high caliber

glow up!

This is a 4 week 1:1 coaching program where we change your ENTIRE LIFE. It’s the modern woman's guide to all things empowering your femininity. It’s a glow up makeover!

I'm Gia, an etiquette & image consultant. Come join me in glowing up this month!

this is for you if you...

  • Just graduated
  • Are starting a new job and want to be recognized for doing well
  • Moved to a new place
  • Are looking for your place in society
  • Are in a relationship and forgot your personality
  • Are trying to be better at networking
  • Want to reinvent yourself
  • Want to be elegant, but still have a personality and not be boring
  • Didn't have a female figure in your life to guide you with femininity

I got you.

be ready

to receive

4 weekly 1 hour calls with me

We can have video calls or audio calls - completely up to you. I prefer video, because face to face, because you're lovely to look at and it's more powerful.

A Personalized Actionable Plan

After each call, you'll receive an action plan on weekly challenges to commit to and remain consistent in being the new you.

The It Girl School

This is all of my feminine resources witheverything from books, to daily motivation, to dressing up, beauty, and special access to my video guides.

what's included

How to be memorable

Personal branding

Face and body care

How to find your value

Body language to master

How to not care what others think

How to be audibly attractive

How to be a bombshell

How to attract high caliber people

How to accomplish anything

Social Etiquette

Fine Dining Etiquette

Workplace Etiquette

Internet Etiquette

High caliber language

Cycle syncing 101

How to attract a high caliber man

How to be charming

and so much more!



Email care@giagdixon.com

Need a payment plan?

*50% down is required before continuing with monthly installments.